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Durable, Flexible QR Codes with Link Administration

Our service offers durable, flexible QR codes with an intuitive link administration platform that allows you to change the destination URL at any time.

Are you planning to use a QR code on business cards, brochures, flyers, or publications? Do you want to ensure that your QR code remains up-to-date and can be flexibly adjusted to different target URLs (web addresses) or current documents or vCards (VCR)?

QR-CODE-flex Provides the Perfect Solution You've Been Looking For!

With our innovative solution, we offer dynamic QR codes for the first time. QR-CODE-flex supports you through a flexible link assignment administration and a convenient in-house document upload cloud.

Take and maintain control of your QR code.
Our application solution allows you to use a QR code that points to an internal administration URL, which then directs the visitor to the URL you have currently set or to a corresponding document. Switch between current PDFs, web pages, vCards, or images (JPG, JPEG, PNG) whenever desired, easily and quickly.
From your mobile device, all with just one click!

QR code menu navigation without making me think.

Intuitive don't make me think QR code menu navigation and navigation on your mobile phone.

Finally, Take Control of Your QR Code.

Dynamic QR codes thanks to flexible link administration. Our solution allows you to use a single QR code that points to an internal URL, from which you can seamlessly redirect visitors to any desired target URL. This is extremely convenient for businesses that need QR codes for long-term printed materials or publications. You can rest assured that your QR codes will never lead to an unavailable 404 error page.

QR Code Administration - Optimize Your Business Cards

With our tailored QR code management, you gain full control over the allocation of your QR codes on your business card. With versatile assignment options such as linking to websites, displaying images, integrating VCF contact data, and the ability to open social media and messenger applications, you are always well-informed and up-to-date.

Data Cloud
Through our data cloud, you can upload and assign up to 10 link access documents (VCF, PDF, jpg, png) to your QR code. Your business card finally becomes interactive and dynamic!

VCF Card for Your QR Code Using our Online VCF Business Card Generator, you can effortlessly create a professional business card that you can then access via our data cloud.

This qualifies us as your reliable QR code partner.

For over two decades, we at Redaktion-i-Media and RimVERLAG have been successfully working alongside our partners in the field of online marketing, providing individually tailored solutions. Our long-standing expertise and technical competence assist businesses in optimizing their presence and organization in the digital world.

Durability: One main advantage is that the QR code and its linking remain permanent. This means you can ensure that your QR codes will not lead to an unavailable 404 error page. This is particularly important for businesses using QR codes in long-term printed materials or publications.

Flexibility: QR codes with interchangeable linking. Thanks to the QR-CODE-flex link administration, you have full control over the QR code. You can change the destination URL at any time without the need to modify or reprint the QR code itself. This allows for flexible adaptation to changing needs or content.

Efficiency: The ability to change the destination URL without effort saves time and resources. You can dynamically adapt your QR codes to current requirements without the need for physical updates.

Versatility: Your flexible QR code can be used in a variety of applications, including restaurant menus, product packaging, brochures, business cards, websites, promotional materials, event invitations, and of course, for museums, Gastronomy, cultural, and artistic organizations. This makes it a versatile tool for businesses and organizations.

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QR Codes with Destination URL Control
Maintain control and preserve your flexibility. QR-CODE-flex with administration allows you to make flexible destination URL changes. My digital business card

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