Permanent flexible QR codes with administration

Permanent flexible QR codes with administration

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Thank you for your interest in QR-CODE-flex, a service by By using our website and registering with us, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions (AGB):

Preamble: Responsibility

The provided QR codes are solely tools for linking to target pages (URLs) determined by the customer independently. QR-CODE-flex and redaktion-i-media have no control over the content or availability of linked pages. The customer is solely responsible for ensuring that the linked content complies with applicable laws and regulations. QR-CODE-flex and redaktion-i-media assumes no responsibility for the content or functionality of linked pages and is not liable for any damages or losses that may result from the use of linked pages.

1. Service Description

QR-CODE-flex offers customers the opportunity to create and manage flexible QR codes through online registration and login. Our platform allows you to design and customize QR codes with your desired destination URLs, contact information, and other relevant details.

After successful registration, you have access to your personalized QR codes, which you can use for a variety of applications. These QR codes can be placed on printed materials such as business cards, flyers, or other promotional materials. Likewise, you can use QR codes in digital media such as emails, social media profiles, or your website to provide quick access to important information for your contacts.

In case of technical issues, we limit possible claims to the amount of the annual membership fee. This is for your and our security to manage potential claims.

2. Invoicing and Payment Terms

For an administrierbaren QR-CODE-flex entry. After a 14-day withdrawal period, we will invoice you for the publicly visible amount under prices plus 19% VAT.

3. Contract Extension and Termination

The annual invoice will automatically renew unless the order is deleted or canceled in writing by you before the contract expires.

4. Regress Claims

In the event of regress claims due to possible technical problems or malfunctions resulting from the use of our services, the liability of QR-CODE-flex by redaktion-i-media is limited to the amount of the annual membership fee. Regress claims exceeding the amount of the annual membership fee are excluded.

5. Jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contractual relationship is Düsseldorf.

6. Data Protecion and CLOUD Data Storage

Data protection is of paramount importance to us. We only collect personal data from you that are necessary for smooth technical operations and administration. Your basic and user data are password-protected in your administration area to prevent unauthorized access and retrieval.

Furthermore, your QR code link redirections are additionally password-protected to guard against unwanted or unauthorized redirections. As an added security measure, you will automatically receive an information email after each redirection change.

Managing your access password is your responsibility. You can change or update it at any time in your administration area.

CLOUD Data Storage:
We kindly request that you do not upload confidential documents, images, or files to our cloud. We would like to point out that no data encryption or password protection is provided for access via your QR code to ensure quick access. Your data is important to us, and we do our utmost to keep it safe and secure.

We do everything technically to protect your data.
This complies with applicable legal regulations.


QR Codes with Destination URL Control
Maintain control and preserve your flexibility. QR-CODE-flex with administration allows you to make flexible destination URL changes. My digital business card

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