Spezieller QR-CODE mit Administration für Visitenkarten

Special QR CODE with Administration for Business Cards

Thanks to our special QR-CODE-flex administration, you finally gain permanent control over the allocation of your QR code on your business card. With flexible allocation options such as link activation, image display, VCF integration, and the ability to access social media and messenger apps, you stay up-to-date at all times.

Permanent Control Over Your Business Card QR Code

Finally, you secure full control over the QR code on your business card and retain the flexibility to adapt it to current allocations.

Your business card finally becomes interactive and dynamic!

Data Cloud

Our data cloud provides a flexible and user-friendly solution for managing your QR code.
Here, you have the opportunity to upload and link up to 10 different documents in VCF, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats with your QR code. The assignment and management of these links are made easy through the user-friendly QR code link assignment administration. With this feature, you can conveniently and efficiently ensure that the right information is accessed through the QR code. Whether you want to share business documents, contact information, or other relevant data, our data cloud offers you the ideal platform for managing your QR codes.

QR-CODE für Visitenkarten mit Daten- Cloud

Why Should You Choose QR-CODE-flex for Your Business Card?

Here are some compelling reasons:

  • Permanent Control:
    With QR-CODE-flex, you have permanent control over your QR code. Need to change your contact information or the link on your business card? No problem! With QR-CODE-flex, you can adjust your QR code anytime.
  • Flexibility:
    Our assignment options are as diverse as your needs. You can add links to your social media, display images, link to PDF documents, or even integrate your VCF contact card. It's all up to you!
  • Stay Always Updated:
    With QR-CODE-flex, you stay up to date at all times. If your contact information changes or you want to share new information, you can do so in seconds without having to reprint your business cards.

Enhance the efficiency of your business cards and take full control of your QR code with QR-CODE-flex. Discover the possibilities our flexible assignment options offer you and stay always updated. Welcome to the future of business cards!

QR Code for Business Cards

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FAQ - Questions and Answers About QR Codes on Business Cards:

FAQ for Business Cards with QR Codes

  • Why should I print a QR code on my business card?

    Printing QR codes on business cards facilitates the quick transfer of contact information to smartphones and provides access to additional online content.

  • Can a QR code once printed be changed afterwards?

    Yes, with our QR-CODE-flex system, you can update the link behind the QR code at any time, even after printing.

  • How do you change a link in a QR code?

    Usually, you cannot change, correct, or adjust the link embedded in the QR code. QR-CODE-flex generated QR codes provide a perfect solution to modify or edit your QR code anytime after creation.

  • How does a dynamic QR code on a business card work?

    A dynamic QR code points to a URL that you can adjust using an administration tool to present different content or web pages.

  • Is it possible for the QR code on my business card to link to social media profiles?

    Yes, you can configure your QR code to directly link to your social media profiles.

  • Can QR codes on business cards contain VCF contact information?

    Absolutely, QR codes can be set up to contain VCF files, making it easy for users to transfer your contact information to their address book.

  • How secure are QR codes on business cards?

    QR codes are generally secure, but it's important that they come from a trusted source and link to secure URLs.

  • How do I create a QR code for my business card?

    With our QR-CODE-flex system, you can easily create and manage QR codes that link to your desired content.

  • Can QR codes on business cards display multimedia content?

    Yes, QR codes can be programmed to link to websites, images, videos, or other multimedia content.

  • How long does a QR code on a business card remain active?

    A QR code remains active as long as the associated URL or admin system supports it, which is unlimited with our QR-CODE-flex.

  • How can QR codes on business cards improve networking?

    QR codes enable quick and easy transfer of contact information and can provide potential contacts with direct access to additional online resources.

  • Are QR codes on business cards customizable?

    Yes, with QR-CODE-flex, you can customize the design and target URLs of the QR code to reflect your brand or personal preferences.

  • How can I keep my QR code on the business card up-to-date?

    With our QR-CODE-flex administration tool, you can update the URL behind your QR code at any time to ensure that the information is always current.

  • Can QR codes on business cards contain multiple links?

    A QR code can lead to an intermediate page that offers multiple links or content choices.

  • Which file formats does QR-CODE-flex support for business cards?

    Our system supports formats like VCF, PDF, JPG, and PNG that you can link to your QR code.

  • How large should the QR code on my business card be?

    The QR code should be large enough to be easily scannable, typically not smaller than 1 x 1 cm.

  • Can I color-match the QR code to the design of my business card?

    Yes, QR codes can be color-matched as long as the contrast remains sufficient for scanning.

  • What should I do if the QR code on my business card doesn't work?

    Make sure the QR code was generated correctly and that the linked URL is active and correct. Our customer service can assist with any issues.

  • Can QR codes on business cards be used for tracking purposes?

    Yes, dynamic QR codes enable tracking and analytics to see how often and where your QR code is scanned.

  • How do people typically react to QR codes on business cards?

    Many people perceive QR codes as modern and convenient because they enable quick digital interaction.

  • Is there a maximum file size for files I can link with my QR code?

    Yes, the maximum file size depends on the specific system. In our QR-CODE-flex system, you can find specific information on file size limitations.

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